Labor Accounting Cost Transfers

There are situations when it is not possible for campus users to use the Labor Accounting Person Detail Screens to modify an individual’s payment chartstrings. Here are the types of changes that require special handling by the Office of Finance and Treasury:

  • Changes to sponsored research costs in a closed financial year
  • Prior-period adjustments for biweekly overtime
  • Prior-period adjustments for special payments such as awards, accrued vacation, and severance payments

For these kinds of changes, you can use the Labor Accounting Salary Cost Transfer Form for the requested chartstring change. When sending your request to the Office of Finance and Treasury, be sure to attach the Information Warehouse LA Report Detailed Personnel Expense by Chartstring Report with the associated charges.

Chartstring changes for casual hourly wages, including graduate and undergraduate wages, can be made directly in Time Collection up to 13 months in the past.