Departmental Payroll Check Management

Here, you will find procedures related to the most common payroll check management needs. If you have questions, feel free to contact us.

Replace a Lost or Damaged Check, Stop Payment, or Void a Payment

Complete a Stop Payment/Check Cancellation Form and submit to Payroll by email.

Request an Off-Cycle Paycheck

Fill out either the Biweekly Request for Off-Cycle Payment form or the Monthly Request for Off-Cycle Payment form, based on the pay cycle of the faculty member, staff, or student who needs the off-cycle payment and submit to Payroll by email.

Cashing Checks

Any payroll check issued by Princeton University can be cashed at the JP Morgan Chase Bank, 16 Nassau Street in Princeton, NJ. If you have a check that is more than 90 days old and can’t get to this branch, mail the stale, dated check back to Payroll along with a Request for Payroll Check Stop Payment. Once payroll receives the check, the check will be voided, reissued, and mailed to the address you provide on the form.

Checks issued more than three years ago may not be reissued by the University in compliance with New Jersey’s escheatment laws.  The state then holds the property, in this case the uncashed check, for the owner or heirs until a claim is filed to collect the property. To claim a check issued by the University more than three years ago, go to State of NJ- Department of the Treasury- Unclaimed Property.