Hire an Employee in a New State

Princeton University is a New Jersey-based employer. From time to time, due to special research needs or administrative requirements, the University hires an individual to work in a state outside of New Jersey as an employee. Hiring an employee in a new state requires that we are registered in that state, an action that results in additional tax filings in addition to the administrative time and expense of setting up the required withholding of state income tax, state unemployment, and worker’s compensation for the individual. 

Request Registration in a New State

Requests to register as an employer in a new state are reviewed by the Office of Finance and Treasury. Fees and costs related to doing business in the new state may be charged back to your department or project. Registration can take up to 3 months.

Before requesting registration in a new state, consider using an agency or determine if the individual meets the criteria to work as an independent contractor. If you still want to request registration in a new state, complete a Request to Register for Employment in a New State application and return it to Payroll. You must submit your request and receive approval from the Payroll Department before making the hire.

States in Which Princeton University is Registered for Employment Tax

The University is already registered in the following states:


District of Columbia
New Jersey

New York