Payday and Paychecks

As a Princeton employee, you receive compensation for your work on a monthly or biweekly basis, depending on your employee designation.


Faculty, Exempt Staff, and Graduate Students Last business day of each month
Non-Exempt Staff and Student Workers Every other Wednesday

Direct Deposit or Paycheck Delivery

Most people choose to have their paycheck deposited directly into their bank account, rather than receive a physical paycheck. For faculty and staff who are not enrolled in direct deposit, paychecks will be delivered to your department and distributed on payday.

Pay Statements

Pay statements are available online the day before each payday. You may view and print them through HR Self Service.

Special Notes

Undergraduate Student Employees

  • Direct Deposit: If you elect direct deposit, then you can view and print your pay statements online through TigerHub.

  • Paper Checks: If you did not elect direct deposit, then your paycheck will be delivered to our Financial Service Center, located on the 7th floor of New South. Checks may be picked up in person during the service center's office hours.

Active Graduate Students

Checks for active Graduate students are sent to their home department via campus mail.

Inactive Faculty, Staff, and Students

If you are an inactive employee who still receives a paycheck, then your check will be sent to your home address, as listed in the payroll system.