Mobile Communication Devices Policy

Policy Section
Buying and Paying

Effective Date
October 1, 2010
Last Updated
October 4, 2019
Responsible Executive
Vice President for Finance and Treasurer
Responsible Office
Financial Services
Jason Knoch
Assistant Vice President for Financial Services
(609) 258-9181

I. Summary

All mobile communication devices authorized by a department head or chair for employee business use must be purchased and serviced under the University’s corporate account program.

II. Who is Affected by this Policy

This policy applies to all employees of the university.

III. Definitions

Mobile communication device

A communication device that is portable and designed to be carried by a person to carry out business communication activities. Mobile communication devices items include but are not limited to cell phones, smart phones, Blackberries, iPhones, iPads, Droid, hands-free devices, etc.

Valid Business Need

The use of a mobile communication device by an employee is for the benefit of the university in the furtherance of its mission, rather than the convenience of the employee. A valid business need is the need to be readily accessible for contact with the public or with university faculty, staff, or students, coupled with the impracticability of a regular land-line telephone for required or essential business communication needs due to one of the following:

  • Frequent travel, working at a remote location, etc.
  • The need to receive or initiate communication in emergency situations
  • The need to be accessible and available during non-business hours or by electronic means at all times

IV. Policy

For employees who have a valid business need, the use of a mobile communication device may be authorized by the department chair or office head. The department chair or office head is responsible for reviewing this authorization annually. All devices authorized for employees must be purchased and serviced under the University’s corporate account program. Costs above monthly service fees that are attributed to non-university business will be paid by the employee.

Please see the Office of Information Technology's Mobile Technology page for details.

Revision Log

10/1/18 - Updated Executive Sponsor listing.

7/3/12 - Deleted outdated material regarding conversion to corporate program by December 31, 2010; deleted Frequently Asked Questions; added link to OIT’s Mobile Technology page.

2/25/11 - No changes. Copied to web-based policy library.

10/1/10 - Approved.