Chart of Accounts

  • Chart of Accounts Basics

    Make the distinction between a chartstring and ChartField, and learn how to read their components.  
  • Department ChartField

    Learn the purpose of the Department ChartField, a required field which ties revenues and expenses to a specific organizational unit.  
  • Fund ChartField

    See how to use the Fund ChartField, a required field which identifies the source of funding and/or allocation of support.
  • Account ChartField

    Manage the Account Chartfield, a required field used to classify transactions.
  • Program ChartField

    Find guidance on when and how to use a Program ChartField to track organizational activities or an individual’s non-sponsored activities, and learn about general Programs.  
  • Project and Activity ChartField

    Understand the nuances of the Project ChartField, which tracks financial transactions relating to a particular capital project or sponsored research award (SRA) project, and the Activity ChartField, which tracks specific financial tasks or phases of a project. 
  • Site ChartField

    Review the limited cases in which the Site ChartField is used to track financial transactions surrounding a particular building or physical property location.