Assignment Journal

An Assignment Journal is the preferred method of contributing or allocating monies from one chartstring to another.  It keeps the source Fund intact, retaining visibility to Fund restrictions and Fund expenditures.  This helps ensure endowed and restricted funds are spent in compliance with donor intentions and makes donor reporting easier.

An Assignment Journal will create a new chartstring when a receiving Department does not currently use the Fund in question.  Once the Assignment Journal is posted, the receiving Department will be able to review the Fund’s restrictions before spending.  An Assignment Journal always uses Accounts 4802-Fund Assignment In, and 4803-Fund Assignment Out.

Assignment Journal Uses

Common scenarios where an Assignment Journal is used:

  • Contribute money to help support a conference hosted by another department.
  • Allocate money toward a faculty member’s research within your department (into their person-specific Program).
  • Allocate money within your organization to a Program for a specific use, such as course support.

Assignment Journals are not used to:

  • Allocate or contribute to or from the General Funds (A0000 or A0018).
  • Correct misposted transactions.

Approval Routing

Approval workflow routes to the Department being debited (on Account 4803-Fund Assignment Out)