Cost Transfer/Correction Journal

A Cost Transfer/Correction (COR) Journal is used to move incorrectly posted transaction(s) from one chartstring to another.  A COR Journal is the primary method of managing a negative chartstring balance, as it is used to reclass expenses which caused the deficit to another chartstring.  Unlike the other Prime Journal types, the COR Journal has an additional journal line field and requires that the user enter the original Journal ID of the transaction being corrected. The original Journal ID can be found on the Ledger Detail Report in the Journal ID column.

Cost Transfer/Correction Journal Uses

Common scenarios where a Cost Transfer/Correction Journal is used:

  • Correct an expense because the wrong ChartField was used.  For example, scientific and medical-supply expenses posted to Fund E1234, but should have been posted to Fund E1243.
  • Add a Program after it was initially left off a transaction.  For example, Professional-services expenses posted to your chartstring with “No Program,” and they should have gone your chartstring but with Program GU051.
  • Move an airfare expense from one sponsored research project to another.
  • Correct an expense after you discover that it did not meet the restrictions of the Fund used.

Cost Transfer/Correction Journals are not used to:

  • Correct salary-related entries, these must be done in Labor Accounting or Time Collection.
  • Correct income entries from gift receipts or endowment distributions, these must be done through Advancement or the Planning, Budget, and Analysis Office.

Cost Transfers and Sponsored Research

Best practice dictates that correction entries be made within 90 days of the original transaction.  If after 90 days an expense is moved (debited) to a federally-funded sponsored project after it was initially charged to another sponsored project or a non-sponsored chartstring, a Cost Transfer Justification Form (CTJF is required). Note: Expenses that are moved within the same award or to a non-government sponsored award do not require a CTJF.

Please review the Cost Transfer Policy for complete details.

Approval Routing

  • If a CTJF is required, then approval workflow routes to the Department being debited, then to the Project Principal Investigator, and then to Sponsored Research.
  • If a CTJF is not required, then approval workflow only routes to the Department being debited.