Transfer Journal

A Transfer Journal is a method of contributing or allocating monies from one chartstring to another.  It does not keep the source Fund intact, therefore visibility to source Fund restrictions and expenditures is lost. For that reason, Transfer Journals are only allowed on small dollar amounts (generally less than $2,500) between Funds that are not highly restricted.  Transfer Journals are used to help alleviate the administrative burden of maintaining multiple small dollar chartstrings, but only to the extent that this does not disrupt Fund stewardship.  A Transfer Journal always uses Accounts 4804-Fund Transfer In, and 4805-Fund Transfer Out.

Please see Assignment Journal for the preferred method of contributing or allocating monies.

Transfer Journal Uses

Common scenarios where a Transfer Journal is used (between Funds that are not highly restricted):

  • Contribute less than $2,500 to help support a conference hosted by another department.
  • Allocate less than $2,500 toward a faculty member’s research within your department (into their person-specific Program).

Transfer Journals are not used to:

  • Allocate or contribute to or from the General Funds (A0000 or A0018).
  • Allocate or contribute large dollar amounts (greater than $2,500).
  • Allocate or contribute to or from a highly restricted Fund (regardless of dollar amount).
  • Correct misposted transactions.

Approval Routing

Approval workflow routes to the Department being debited (on Account 4805-Fund Transfer Out) and then to Finance and Treasury for secondary review and approval.