Other Journals and Journal Types

Central to the accounting process, journals are created to record the financial transactions originating from systems and/or modules within and beyond Prime Financials. In fact, every financial transaction at the University is eventually captured as a journal entry and recorded in the General Ledger.

Many times the journal ID coming from systems or modules will have a two-to-four character prefix indicating their source. System or modules are listed below with their prefix (if any).

Systems / Modules


Accounts Payable / Vouchers

  • Accounts Payable Liability (APL)
  • Accounts Payable Payment (APP)
  • Accounts Payable Cancelled Payments (APX)
  • Accounts Payable Closed Vouchers (APC)


  • Allocations (BU)

Asset Management

  • Additions (AMA)
  • Depreciation (AMD)
  • Recategorization (AMC)
  • Retirements (AMR)


  • Cashiering (CRV)


  • Travel and Expense Card (CTC)
  • Departmental Purchasing Card (CPC)

Departmental Charges


Departmental Systems (Spreadsheet Journals)


Labor Accounting

  • Expenses / Actuals (LA)
  • Encumbrances (LE)

Other Systems

  • Loans & Receivables
  • Assets & Equities
  • Bank Statement Accounting (TR)
  • Faculty Computer Program
  • Financial Aid
  • Gift Feed from STRIPES
  • Human Resource Payroll
  • Plasma Physics Lab
  • Purchase Order Receipt Accrual (POR)
  • Risk Management
  • SAFE
  • Student Financials (SF)

Sponsored Research

  • Facilities & Administration (GMFA)
  • Accounts Receivable (ARA)
  • Contracts (GMR)

Prime Spreadsheet Journals

Prime Spreadsheet Journals, which are also commonly referred to as Departmental Systems Journals, are a method of mass journal creation that allows select departments to process high-volume journals via an excel template. Since Prime Journals is the method by which most will enter journal transactions, access to Spreadsheet Journals is granted to a limited audience.

In order to process Spreadsheet Journals, special access and training is required.  The Controller’s Office reviews requests for access to the Spreadsheet Journal function.

Spreadsheet Journal Uses

Spreadsheet Journals are typically used by F&T and other central offices for high-volume entries, where the manual data entry method of creating a Prime Journal transaction would not be practical. Transactions recorded with Spreadsheet Journals include:

  • Academic allowance distributions
  • Bank reconciliation adjustments
  • Endowment income distributions
  • Facilities labor charges
  • Purchasing rebate distributions

Spreadsheet Journals on the Ledger Detail Report  

Spreadsheet Journals are identified with the transaction type “Departmental Systems” on the Ledger Detail Report.  Since various areas utilize Spreadsheet Journals, each journal is flagged with a Journal Class that identifies the type of activity being recorded. The Journal Class is visible in the Transaction column of the Ledger Detail report. The Ledger Detail Report also displays the individual who created the journal (Transaction Creator column) in the event that a department has a question regarding a specific Spreadsheet Journal transaction.

Spreadsheet Journal Administration

If your area has been given access to process Spreadsheet Journals, and assigned a Journal Class for your activity, then it’s important to remember it should only be used for the purpose for which access has been granted. It should not take the place of Prime Journals for all your journaling needs. Below are links to directions on how to process Spreadsheet Journals.

If you feel your area could benefit from Spreadsheet Journal access, or if you have further questions please reach out to us by email.