Get Started with Prime Reporting

The Financial Reporting and Analytics team collaborates with academic and administrative departments to continuously improve our financial reporting and analytical capabilities. Here, you’ll find an overview of the Prime Financial Information Warehouse (IW), along with instructions on how to gain access and begin putting Prime to work for your team.

How It Works

Prime and the Chart of Accounts

Prime is driven by the Chart of Accounts, the coding structure that defines Princeton’s operations in financial terms. Creating visibility across systems and groups, this enables multi-dimensional reporting. Three ChartFields determine what you can see in the Information Warehouse as a report viewer:

  • Department: For the specified five-digit department, you can see account, fund, program, and project income and expenses.

  • Program: For all Programs, including Person-Specific and Cross-Departmental, you can view all financial information that posts to a Department for which you have report viewer access.  If you to need to view Person-Specific or Cross-Departmental Program activity that might occur outside of your existing Department security, then you may be given report-viewer access to those specific Program(s). 

  • Project: For each primary sponsored project, you can view all award-related projects as a PI or departmental contact (financial manager and NOA recipient). PI(s) and department contacts on non-primary projects can view that specific project only.

Before you begin using reports, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the Chart of Accounts structure, and the purpose of each ChartField. 

Cross-System Insight

The Information Warehouse offers insights to help you and your team shape day-to-day operations, achieve strategic financial management, and guide ongoing compliance and stewardship initiatives. It pulls together data from the following systems:

IBM Cognos Analytics

The IW offers a common reporting platform using data from Prime Financials and other systems. Using IBM Cognos Analytics reporting and analytics, you have the ability to consume financial data, facilitate planning analysis, and perform reconciliation activities.

Prime Reporting

Get to Know the Prime Information Warehouse

Additional reference guides and training materials can be found on the Prime Reporting and Analytics Training and Reference Materials section (authentication required).

Request Reporting Access

To run financial reports, you must be designated as a report viewer and / or sponsored research report viewer. Request Prime Financials Systems Access to get started. If you are an F&T user, use the Prime Portal reporting tab to access reports. 

Have questions? Contact the Financial Service Center at (609) 258-3080 or by email.

Prime Reports

With your business needs in mind, the Prime Financial Information Warehouse comes pre-loaded with valuable enterprise reports. From Spendable Balance and Transaction Details to Labor Distribution, this puts robust financial information sourced from key University systems at your fingertips.

All reports and reference guides are available in the Information Warehouse (authentication required).