Departmental Financial Management

Sound financial management involves smart use of technology, clear accounting, and an understanding of the budgetary principles that guide the University. In addition to reviewing the resources here, visit the Financial Management section of our website, where we cover departmental financial controls and financial review and monitoring essentials.

New Managers Financial Orientation Presentation

Get a complete overview of financial management at Princeton, including: F&T’s role; budgeting, financial planning, and reporting; manager responsibilities; and more. View the presentation.

Buying and Paying

Find everything you need to know about buying and paying, from purchasing supplies and managing suppliers to handling sales tax concerns. Visit the Buying and Paying section.

Budgeting and Planning 

Understand the inputs that drive Princton’s operating budget, review the budget cycle, find key contacts, and get concrete advice to help you manage balances and budgets. Visit the Budgeting and Planning section.

Prime Reporting and Analytics

Leverage the Prime Financial Information Warehouse (IW) to source accurate, consistent insight across financial systems. Then learn how to create data-rich reports to help you make the best business decisions. Visit the Prime Reporting and Analytics section.

Purchasing Tools and Considerations