Risk Management, Tax, Rents & Mortgages

The Office of Finance and Treasury takes its role in upholding the University’s safety and compliance initiatives seriously, from developing a comprehensive suite of insurance programs to offering ongoing guidance related to taxation. We also support the University community by administering Princeton’s mortgage and rent programs. Explore these topics here, and connect with our in-house subject-matter experts for help with your specific needs.

Have questions? Contact the Financial Service Center at (609) 258-3080 or email us for guidance.

  • Learn about risk management and the insurance policies, guidelines, and processes that protect the University and its community; view fleet safety and vendor insurance requirements; and submit a timely claim, if necessary.

  • Learn about Princeton’s Standard and Tenancy-in-Common mortgage programs, explore an eligibility map that defines where properties must reside, access a list of external lenders, and get a clear overview of your options and responsibilities as a borrower.

  • Understand how and when rents are collected for University-owned housing, including payroll deductions and online remittance, and review rent-related details specific to graduate and undergraduate Student Summer Housing.

  • Find answers to your tax questions, whether you are seeking guidance as an alumni, foreign national, independent contractor, or student; or review details related to Payroll taxes, sales tax, and the University’s public tax information.