Student Summer Housing

If you are a graduate or undergraduate student planning to stay on campus during the summer, the University Housing Office will administer your room assignment and contract. The Student Accounts Department within the Office of Finance and Treasury is responsible for collecting summer room payments.

  • Undergraduate Students: Summer rental charges will be billed on your tuition account.  Visit the Student Financial Center on TigerHub to view your summer housing charges. 

  • Graduate Students: Summer rental charges will be deducted from your June, July, and August stipends. If you won’t be receiving a summer salary or stipend, you can submit your payment online from the Student Financial Center on TigerHub. Payments are also accepted at the on-campus, customer service center.

All balances must be paid in full in order for you to register for the fall semester as a returning student. If you are a graduating or a non-Princeton student, you must pay your summer room charges in full prior to the summer room draw in April.