Business Travel

In addition to business travel accident insurance, negotiated rental car rates and insurance, and excess automobile insurance when you use your own car for University business, Princeton University helps to ensure the safety and security of faculty, staff, and student travelers everywhere in the world.

Business Travel Accident Insurance

When you travel on University business, Princeton’s Business Travel Accident Insurance provides benefits to you or your survivors in the case of an accident. There is no cost to you for this coverage.

Please refer to the Emergency Assistance & Health Insurance page for more information.

International Travel

Before traveling abroad, please review the resources on the Travel and Expense website, including:

Undergraduate Students: 

Graduate Students, Faculty & Staff:

Car Rentals

Please refer to the Car Rental Page on the Travel & Expense Website for full details.

Princeton University has preferred pricing with specific companies for faculty, staff, and students renting a vehicle for University sponsored travel. The rates include primary insurance for liability and physical damage within the 48 contiguous United States. Please refer to the Car Rental Page for more information.

When renting a car outside the United States, or with a rental car company other than the preferred companies, you must purchase the maximum level of LDW or CDW insurance offered by the rental agency. 

Insurance is not included on rentals for personal use.

Please refer to Section 7. of the Travel and Expense Policy for full details.

Student Car Rentals

Students should review the Student Vehicle Use and Car Rental Policy

Personal Auto Use

Please refer to Section 10. of the Travel and Expense Policy for full details.

University vehicles or rental cars should be used whenever possible in order to minimize your personal risk and liability. Use of personal auto for business purposes may be allowed when there is a significant cost difference or safety concern. 

Graduate Students, Faculty & Staff : When you use your own vehicle for University business, your personal insurance is always primary and will provide coverage for damages incurred if there is an accident involving your vehicle. When using your personal auto for University business, you are required to comply with all state regulations—including maintaining the minimal amount of insurance coverage.  Faculty and staff using their own vehicle may have their deductible reimbursed up to $1,000. 

Students: Students are strongly discouraged from using their own vehicle for University business.  If a student must use their own vehicle, the University’s insurance will not apply in excess of the student’s insurance, and students are not eligible for deductible reimbursement. 

Accidents while driving on University business

All accidents, regardless of the severity of the accident or the amount of damage, must be reported immediately to Risk Management, and your department manager.  If you are driving a rental car, you must report to the rental car company as well.