Additional Responsibilities

Contract Review

Risk Management partners with the Office of the General Counsel and Procurement to review the insurance provisions in contracts of all sizes and for all manners of services.  In addition, if a modification or waiver of the standard insurance provisions is requested, we will work with the hiring department and supplier to review the request and determine how best to protect the University while maintaining the supplier relationship.

Loss Prevention and Mitigation

Risk Management works closely with Employee Health & Safety (EHS) and sits on many committees throughout the University to ensure that Princeton is proactively working to keep our employees, students and visitors safe.  If your department is starting a project or looking into a new area of research, reach out to us to discuss how we can assist you and to ensure we have adequate insurance programs in place to cover any risks we may encounter.

University Insurance Advisory

Princeton University’s motto – “In the Nation’s Service and in the Service of Humanity” – takes us to the far-reaching corners of the Earth – and beyond.  Risk Management partners with areas throughout the organization to ensure the University is adequately protected against the potential of a loss, so our faculty, professors, researchers, staff and students can focus on changing the world.

HIPAA Compliance

Refer to the University policy entitled HIPAA Privacy Policy for Health Plans and Plan Personnel. Questions regarding the policy should be directed to the Assistant Vice President of Risk Management, who serves as the University HIPAA Privacy Officer.