Alumni Volunteers Insurance

Princeton alumni, when acting in an official volunteer capacity on behalf of the University, are covered anywhere in the world by the University’s applicable liability insurance policies, as noted below.

Alumni Groups Covered

The following alumni organizations are provided coverage under the University’s liability insurance policies:

  • The Alumni Association

  • The Alumni Council

  • Recognized classes

  • Other officially related organizations


The officers and executive committees of these organizations are considered “insureds” while acting or deemed to be acting in an official capacity on behalf of the University.


The University’s trustees and officers’ liability, general liability, and automobile liability insurance policies provide coverage for third-party claims brought against the University and its insured. Coverage is provided worldwide. Any questions regarding this coverage should be directed to Risk Management.

Automobile Usage

If you are an alumnus using your personal automobile for official University business, your personal automobile liability coverage is primary, with the University’s automobile liability coverage being secondary. In the event that physical damage occurs to your personal vehicle while acting on behalf of the University, the University will reimburse you for the deductible for physical / collision damage up to $1,000 per loss.

Report a Claim

Contact Risk Management to report any claims.