Insurance Coverage and Options

Princeton University is a vibrant global institution that encourages creative programming and intellectual exchange, both on campus and around the world. From the library to the research lab, our comprehensive range of automatic coverage and add-ons helps you achieve your goals while managing risk and protecting both you and the institution.

Understand Your Coverage

Learn about University insurance related to:

  • University Property Insurance

    The University purchases insurance to protect against damage to, or the theft of, University property, including fine arts and rare books. The University’s coverage does not extend to personal property (that is not owned by the University), whether on campus or in campus-owned buildings.
  • Workers' Compensation Benefits

    If you are an employee and are unable to perform your job due to a work-related illness or injury, Princeton University provides you with Workers’ Compensation Benefits. If you are benefits-eligible and unable to perform your job due to a non-work-related injury, illness, or disability, the University provides you with disability benefits. The benefits described are for employees working in New Jersey only.
  • Business Travel

    In addition to business travel accident insurance, negotiated rental car rates and insurance, and excess automobile insurance when you use your own car for University business, Princeton University helps to ensure the safety and security of faculty, staff, and student travelers everywhere in the world.
  • Alumni Volunteers Insurance

    Princeton alumni, when acting in an official volunteer capacity on behalf of the University, are covered anywhere in the world by the University’s applicable liability insurance policies, as noted below.