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Fraudulent Requests for Quote

The University is aware of and investigating individuals attempting to defraud suppliers by presenting themselves as associates from the University’s Procurement Services department and soliciting quotes for various goods. These requests typically include applications for purchases to be made on credit or extended payment terms and delivered to alternate locations. The requests are coming from a variety of domains intended to confuse the recipient into thinking it is coming from Princeton University including princetonuni-edu.com and princeton-edu.net. In some cases, the supporting documentation has included the Princeton University logo and was crafted using professionally designed templates in order to appear legitimate. These requests are not affiliated with the University and we continue to work with law enforcement to stop these requests and shut down the associated domains from which they originate as we become aware of them.

The FBI has posted an alert detailing this scam, and has also produced a privacy notification which you should review. If you receive emails from an unusual domain or have suspicions about the validity of a University request or purchase order, we recommend taking the following actions:

1) Do not ship any product for orders that you are uncertain have originated from the University and are backed by a valid purchase order

2) If you have questions about the validity of a request for quote or purchase order you have received, please contact Princeton’s Financial Service Center at (609) 258-3080 or finance@princeton.edu

3) File a report with your local authorities

4) Consider filing a report with the FBI’s Internet Crime Compliant Center (IC3)


What You Should Know

Here you’ll find links to information about how Princeton hires and works with suppliers.

Princeton University operates in a central acquisition environment, where Procurement Services manages acquisitions and enters into contracts on behalf of the University for the broad array of goods and services that are essential for the daily operation of the University.

Princeton Procurement Services provides our suppliers with a secure Supplier Portal, where suppliers can log in and create and manage a profile, respond to sourcing requests, and manage purchase orders.

Prospective Suppliers

Suppliers are prohibited from making sales calls and unsolicited visits to departments. However, any qualified business can register to become a potential supplier for Princeton through the Supplier Portal. The prospective supplier registration will capture key information about the supplier. Procurement Services will review registered suppliers’ profiles when considering suppliers for inclusion in sourcing events.

Once registered in the Supplier Portal, suppliers will have access to view any public contracting and individual order bid opportunities at Princeton, as well as any other public events from other participating institutions. The Supplier Portal is updated daily to include all new bid opportunities available through Procurement Services. To view sourcing events open to the public, click here to access Princeton's public sourcing page. Private sourcing events are only visible to invited suppliers.

If you or your organization already has an active relationship with Princeton University, you will need to be invited to access the Supplier Portal.

Supplier Onboarding

Suppliers selected to provide goods and services to Princeton will receive an invitation to complete a full profile in our Supplier Portal. Portal registration will also require payment and order information to be completed. Suppliers may update their information within the Supplier Portal at any time, and may also submit electronic invoices directly through the portal.

We have developed the below guides to assist you with any questions you may have with the registration process. Contact the Financial Service Center at finance@princeton.edu to request access to your company’s profile.

Supplier/Payee Portal - Entity Registration Guide
Supplier/Payee Portal - Individual Registration Guide
Supplier/Payee Portal FAQs


The primary method of transacting the purchase of goods and services is a purchase order (PO). Payment cannot be processed without a PO number listed on the invoice, so we encourage all suppliers to ensure they have received a PO prior to any work being performed for the University.

As part of the supplier onboarding and registration, suppliers may manage their PO dispatch method. PO dispatch is found on each fulfillment address. Email dispatch is the preferred option. Strategic suppliers with hosted or punch-out catalogs on our marketplace will have their POs dispatched electronically.

Payment Processing

Registered suppliers may submit their invoices electronically through the Supplier Portal. View the step-by-step guide to Portal invoicing. Note that a PO number is required to submit a portal invoice. Paper invoices should be sent to Procurement Services - Accounts Payable for processing at invoices@princeton.edu . The PO number should be listed on the invoice. The PO number is essential to process the payment.

The University encourages the use of electronic payments, rather than paper checks, by offering more favorable payment terms on electronic payments. For more detail, please see our Payment Terms page.

Payment terms are calculated based on the date of receipt of the invoice in Procurement Services - Accounts Payable. It is important that invoices be sent to invoices@princeton.edu in order to avoid payment delays.

Supplier Diversity

Princeton University is committed to making supplier diversity an integral part of the way it does business, consistent with its commitment to a diverse and inclusive university community that advances its teaching and research mission. Additional information for diverse suppliers including certification requirements and 2nd tier opportunities can be found here.


Princeton University is committed to providing a safe and healthful environment for its employees, students and visitors and managing the University in an environmentally sensitive and responsible manner. In collaboration with other campus departments, Procurement Services encourages the use of products that minimize adverse environmental and health effects and take into consideration the costs associated with the full product life cycles.


Employees of the University have an obligation to avoid activities or situations that may appear to be, or could result in, a conflict of interest. Employees must not use their University positions to influence outside organizations or individuals for the direct financial, personal, or professional benefit of themselves, members of their families, or others with whom there is a personal relationship.

Procurement Services is committed to fair and ethical business practices that promote open and fair competition in the best interests of the University and the success of its supplier relationships. Procurement Services abides by the National Association of Educational Procurement Code of Ethics.



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