Coming to Princeton

A Guide for New International Faculty, Students, and Staff Coming to Campus 

Welcome to Princeton! As you navigate the onboarding process and get acclimated, Global Financial Services is here to support you, and assist you with your tax-related questions.  Taxes are complex, and there are different rules depending on the type of payment you receive, your visa type, and your home country. Throughout your time here, Global Financial Services is available to help you navigate the tax process. Please reach out to us at (609) 258-3039 or by email, or set up an appointment through the WASE calendar.

Working or Studying in the United States

GLACIER Tax System

Princeton uses the GLACIER Tax System to help international faculty, staff, and students:

  • Determine U.S. residency status
  • Calculate tax withholding from payments
  • Determine eligibility for tax treaty benefits
  • Generate tax reporting documents 

GLACIER is a tax-software program that collects your tax residency and visa information so Princeton is able to determine how to tax you, and if you are eligible for any tax exemptions due to a tax treaty with your home country.

When you join the University, you will automatically be added to GLACIER. The system will send you an email from, with the subject line: "Payments from Princeton University." It will contain your personal login and password information. When you first log in, please set up a password that you will remember for future log-ins. The system will guide you through a series of questions to complete your record. If you have questions, please reach out at 609-258-3039 or by email.

Note: You will access this program during your time at Princeton to make any updates to your information. You will also use it to prepare any U.S. tax filings at the end of each calendar year. 

Documents to Submit

After you complete your Glacier profile, send us the following:

  • Signed Tax Summary Report
  • Signed Forms generated by Glacier
  • Photocopies of personal documents listed on the bottom right section of the tax summary report
  • W-4 Form

Note: If GLACIER determines that you are a non-resident for tax purposes, your marital status and exemptions will be restricted to S (single) with 1 (one exemption).

Address to Submit Documents

Global Financial Services
Finance & Treasury
701 Carnegie Center
Suite 436F
Princeton, NJ 08540 

If Your Information Changes

Please log back into GLACIER and update your record. This includes updating your Glacier record to reflect your newly received SSN or ITIN. You will need to print, sign, and mail the updated tax summary report, tax forms, and document copies to Global Financial Services so that your changes may be reflected for future payments.

Need help?

If you have not received an email or have deleted it in error, please email us. For technical problems with the Glacier Tax System, please contact GLACIER directly at the GLACIER Support Center.

Tax Treaty Benefits

Many countries have agreements with the U.S. to exempt an individual or entity from federal tax withholding. These tax treaties vary by country, and are based on your country of residence. Please note that tax treaty benefits do not exempt you from New Jersey taxes, or taxes on moving/relocation expenses. View a summary of tax treaty countries.

If you are from a country that has a tax treaty with the U.S., you must have either a U.S. Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) to be eligible to receive tax treaty benefits. Please visit the Davis International Center for more information about applying for an SSN. If you need an ITIN, please contact us at (609) 258-3039 or by email.