Global Financial Services: An Overview

Princeton is a leader in international teaching and research, with students and faculty engaging globally. Our team enables this great work, and provides the support infrastructure for global financial operations. This begins with the provision of guidance and resources in advance of your program or project and extends to the procurement of in-country goods and services, payment logistics on-site, and hiring / engaging abroad. With less administrative burden spent on these tasks, you can focus your time and energy on your project, class, or research. In addition to the above, we serve Princeton’s international community of scholars, faculty, and students with tax compliance and foreign supplier onboarding.

If you are a faculty member or departmental manager operating global programs or inviting international visitors to campus, or a student doing research overseas, we encourage you to reach out with questions at (609) 258-3039 or by email.

How can we help?

  • Pre-Project Planning: Find a helpful campus resource when planning international initiatives, and ensure that your students, faculty, and department have the financial and administrative support for international activities.
  • Global Payments: Get assistance with foreign banking and international payments.
  • Hiring: Engage, hire, and pay faculty, employees, researchers, and contractors at international locations.
  • Visitor Payments: Seek guidance when inviting and paying international visitors.
  • Tax Compliance: Manage tax compliance for international students, faculty, staff, and guests of the University.
  • Contracting: Procure contracts for international goods and services (ie: engaging individuals abroad, translation services, or VAT tax recovery, among others.)