Going Abroad

For Princeton Faculty, Students, and Staff Working Internationally

Assignments abroad are a vital component of Princeton’s teaching and research mission, connecting students and faculty with scholars around the world. Here, you will find information to help you stay compliant when partnering with local nationals or securing goods and services. For best results, please contact us at (609) 258-3039 or by email to discuss your program or project as far in advance as possible.

International Assignments 

There are times when Princeton will need to send you, as a faculty or staff member, to work overseas for a defined and limited period of time. In such cases, you are considered an “expatriate” (expat), and are still working as a University employee. 

Generally, international assignments are only appropriate for faculty and staff who already have a U.S. tax status (ie: U.S. Citizens, Legal Permanent Residents / Green Card Holders.) Before hiring someone on an international assignment, please consult with Global Financial Services and the Dean of Faculty’s Office. After an international assignment is approved, please reach out to Payroll to set up the payment. Visit our dedicated page for Department Managers for additional helpful advice.