Student Loans

Student loans handles the origination and collection of federal and Princeton-issued student loans as well the collection of charges for undergraduate and graduate students who leave the University with an outstanding balance. Heartland Campus Solutions/ECSI provides billing and account services for our Federal Perkins Loans and Princeton Institutional Loans.

For information about student loan options and the application process, see the University’s financial aid brochure and Undergraduate Admissions.

How You Receive Loan Funds

When financial aid authorizes your loan, a credit is sent automatically to your student account. The transaction will appear on your student bill as “Anticipated Student Loan Credit …-$2,500,” for example. At the same time a loan file is sent to Heartland Campus Solutions/ECSI to create the loan account. By email from Heartland Campus Solutions/ECSI, you will receive student loan disclosure statements and promissory note documents.  

Once you sign the documents (and after the three-day waiting period for some loans), the loan is deemed valid and the anticipated loan credit is finalized. The loan proceeds are used to offset charges on your student account.

In some cases, you can receive the amount of your loan credit minus any unpaid charges on your student account. Refunds are available for requesting after the start of classes each term.  Starting with the 2019-2020 academic, the current Credit Release From will be retired and replaced with a new online process that will available from the Student Financial Center tile on TigerHub. 

Managing Your Loan Account

From the Heartland Campus Solutions/ECSI website you can check your current loan balance, view tax documents and promissory notes, change your address, and set up automatic monthly payments.

Billing & Payments

You’ll receive a monthly loan billing statement from Heartland Campus Solutions/ECSI. If you want to pay by check, send your payment and the remittance portion of the bill to Princeton University, c/o Heartland Campus Solutions/ECSI, 100 Global View Drive, Warrendale, PA 15086.

If you want to set up recurring electronic payments, you’ll find instructions on your billing statement and on the Heartland Campus Solutions/ECSI website.

To make a payment by wire transfer, email student loans for instructions.

Applying for a Loan Deferral or Cancellation

To request a loan deferral or cancellation, send a Deferment Form or a Cancellation Form to Princeton University, Student Loan Department, 701 Carnegie Center, Suite 435, Princeton, NJ 08540.


Changes you make to your address and other contact information on the Heartland Campus Solutions/ECSI website will not be forwarded to Alumni Records. If you would like to update your contact information with the University, please send an email to Alumni Records.