Graduate Student Accounts

Student Financial Center, My Financials

When selecting My Financials on the Student Financial Center tile in TigerHub, graduate students land on a portal to access to their Student Account.  The portal is divided into three sections to help manage your finances: (1) Income Information with links to your paychecks and annual support letter, (2) Account Transactions which includes the link to your Student Account, and (3) Planning which includes a Net Pay Tool that provides a comprehensive view of your income and expenses.  At the bottom of the page, a Resource section provides links to assistance programs including the Graduate Advance Program and  Graduate Child Assistance Program (GCAP).

Throughout the portal, students are provided with links to addition resources including tax forms, information regarding direct deposit and a searchable directory of University Knowledge Base articles and external resources to assist with financial questions.

Tuition, Fees & Support

Princeton provides an online view of your student account reflecting essential charges and credits, including: 

  • Tuition
  • Health Plan
  • Tuition support
  • Outside fellowships
  • Any applicable room and board contract charges

Your account also includes incidental charges and fees, such as the graduate student government (GSG) fee, and purchases you elect to charge to your account, such as food from campus cafes.

For an overview of your student account, review the user guide for graduate students.

For more information regarding paying graduate student charges and the installment plan auto-enrollment, view the Graduate Student Accounts: University Charges and Credits knowledge article.

University Apartment Rentals

Apartment rental contract payments will be deducted from your stipend, but they will not display on your student account statement. The monthly amount deducted will appear on your pay statement with the deduction code “RENT”. Rent is always for the month in which the deduction occurs. Contact the Rent Department for more information at [email protected] or (609) 258-5266.

Monthly Installment Plan

Payment of tuition, health plans, and fees such as room contracts and meal plans are due on a term basis. You may submit payment in full for the fall term by 8/25 and by 1/25 for the spring term. To help you pay essential graduate fees (tuition, health plans, room and board), a monthly payment plan is provided. No action is requirement to enroll and no application fees are charged. The full term amount due is divided over each term in five equal installments: 

  • August 25 through December 25 for the fall term
  • January 25 through May 25 for the spring term 

If payment in full is not received prior to the term due date, the installment amount is displayed on your account. The full amount of incidental charges and fines applied to your account will be due in the month in which they are incurred.

Payroll Deduction

If you receive a University maintenance allowance or an award for serving as an assistant in instruction or research, deductions will be taken from your stipend to satisfy your monthly installment amount due, plus any incidental charges. The deduction amount appears in the Charges and Payments section of your online account and is also reflected on your pay statement as “Student Bill.” Your online account will identify any resulting balance due.

Direct Payment: Student Account

If your payroll deduction does not cover your monthly student account obligation, direct payment is required. The amount of your direct payment should equal the Amount Due displayed on your Student Account.  To access your Student Account, select My Financials from the Student Financial Center tile on Tiger Hub. Any amount past due will be subject to a late fee of 1.25%. If you do not receive a stipend, monthly installments and incidental charges are due as direct payments.

Graduation and Withdrawals

When You Graduate

In order to graduate, your student account charges must be paid in full. If your account is not current, you will not receive your diploma document. After any open obligations to the University are paid, if you have a credit balance, you will receive a refund check.

Withdrawing from the University

For complete information about withdrawing from Princeton, see The Graduate School. If you withdraw, the net balance in your student account will be determined by applying all payments and available credits to the account against all outstanding amounts due. If there is a balance on your student account, you will not be eligible for readmission until the balance is satisfied.

Questions?  Contact Student Accounts at (609) 258-6378, fax (609) 258-1147, or email [email protected].