Tax Forms Related to Student Accounts

The IRS requires Princeton to report certain information regarding payments made towards qualified tuition and fees, scholarships received, and grants awarded on IRS Form 1098-T. This information can be useful if you are claiming education tax credits on your federal tax return. For more student tax information, visit the Tax Compliance section of our website.

1098-T and the IRS Reporting Exemption

You can access your Form 1098-T online from your Student Financials account.  From the Tax Forms page you can print any year produced and opt out of receiving a mailed paper statement.  The Form includes an explanation of the qualified charges. Princeton follows the IRS reporting exemption for students whose qualified tuition and related expenses are entirely waived or paid entirely with scholarships or grants. For this reason, not all students receive a 1098-T. Additionally, foreign national students do not receive these forms. If you have questions about a Form 1098-T you received, email Student Accounts at [email protected].

Canadian Tax Forms

For Canadian tax forms, contact Student Accounts. This form must be completed by Student Accounts, so there is no need to supply a blank or completed form.

Questions? Contact Student Accounts at (609) 258-6378, or at [email protected].