Your Payment Responsibilities

  • Student Obligation: You are responsible for satisfying all student account obligations by the due date. You will not be registered for each term until all financial requirements are met. 
  • Late Fees: If your payment is less than the full balance due, your account will be considered past due and will incur late payment fees of 1.25% per annum. Charging privileges to your student account may also be suspended.
  • Late Charges and Alternate Payment Options: Late charges will be assessed even if you elect to participate in the Monthly Payment Plan or Princeton Parent Loan after the program application deadlines.
  • Returned Check Fee: A $25.00 fee will be assessed for any payment not honored by the bank. If the dishonored check was in a foreign currency, the adjustment to your account may reflect a different fee amount due to foreign exchange rates.
  • Readmission and Your Account: If you are being readmitted, you must be current with your Princeton University financial obligations before you can register. 
  • Overpayment: Princeton reserves the right to return any payment made in excess of the balance due on a student’s account.
  • Implications of Non-Payment: If you have an outstanding debt to the University, you may be subject to one or more of the following: (a) prohibited from course selection and/or course changes, (b) placed on a leave of absence until all financial obligations are met, (c) prohibited from enrolling or being readmitted to the University, and (d) denied a diploma document at graduation. If a balance remains due after graduation or separation from the University, the student’s account will be considered in default and may be immediately assigned to an external party for collections.

Failure to meet your financial obligations may place your enrollment status in jeopardy.

Have questions? Contact Student Accounts at (609) 258-6378, or [email protected].