Become a Princeton Supplier

Become a Princeton Supplier 

The most immediate opportunities to become a University supplier are reflected in our current solicitations for bids. Review the University’s open sourcing events to learn about current purchasing needs and submit a proposal.

Register as a Prospective Supplier

Suppliers are prohibited from making sales calls and unsolicited visits to departments. To register interest in becoming a supplier, complete a prospective supplier profile within our Supplier Portal. This registration process captures basic organizational information and key business details, such as the types of goods and / or services provided.

Please note that registration does not confer status as an “approved” supplier. However, it serves as the initial means by which we identify prospective suppliers for consideration and evaluation when a purchasing need arises. 

New Supplier Onboarding

If selected to provide goods and services to Princeton, you will receive an invitation to create a new profile (if one does not exist), or a request to update your supplier profile. Full supplier profiles include details on how we will transact purchases including purchase orders, invoices and payments, as well as diversity status and certification.

Complete the registration process: 

Manage Your Profile 

The Supplier Portal enables your organization to maintain important information about your business and how you wish to transact with the University, including: 

  • Organizational information including company name and associated addresses
  • Contact information for key personnel
  • Business details including goods / services provided
  • Business classifications including small and / or diverse business status
  • Preferred purchase order dispatch and payment methods

Through the portal, you can also take action on certain activities:

  • Submit invoices directly for payment
  • View sourcing events and proposals submitted
  • Provide current certificates of insurance
  • Upload diversity certification documents