Work with Procurement: Purchase Orders, Invoices and Payments

Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders (POs) are the primary method by which Princeton purchases goods and services. They also provide you with authorization to fulfill a purchase request as a supplier. The University’s purchase orders specify all relevant information to complete a purchase including prices and quantities, descriptions of the requested goods and / or services, the payment terms, and delivery location.

Please note the following:

  • Authorization: Do not perform services or provide goods not explicitly authorized by a valid purchase order issued by Princeton.
  • Terms and Conditions: All purchase orders are governed by the University’s applicable standard terms and conditions unless a superseding agreement has been completed between your organization and Procurement Services.
  • PO Delivery: If you maintain a catalog in the University’s procurement marketplace, your organization will receive POs electronically. All other suppliers can elect to receive POs via email (preferred) or fax by selecting the appropriate option in the Supplier Portal.

Invoice Processing 

Princeton University strives to ensure timely and accurate payment to our suppliers. To help minimize the risk of a payment delay, please consider the following when submitting your invoice for payment:

  • Include the PO Number: Make sure the invoice references a University-issued purchase order number. If you do not have a purchase order, contact the University associate who made the purchase to obtain one. 
  • Make Sure the Invoice is Complete and Accurate: Invoices should be legible (no handwritten copies), provide clear descriptions of the goods or services provided, and prices and quantities should match those specified on the purchase order. 
  • Submit Electronically: For fastest processing, submit invoices electronically through the Supplier Portal. View the step-by-step guide to Portal invoicing. All other invoices should be emailed to Procurement Services ([email protected]) for processing.
  • Courtesy Copies: Any invoices sent to the ordering department should be clearly marked as a courtesy copy not for official submission.


Princeton University offers several payment options for approved invoices including electronic and accelerated payment methods and terms which allow for faster payment with reduced risk. For a list of available options, please see our Payment Terms page.

Selecting a payment option can be completed through the Supplier Portal. Consider the following when making a selection:

  • Invoice Date: Payment terms are calculated based on the date an invoice is received by Procurement Services at [email protected] and may be subject to confirmation by the ordering department that the goods were received and / or services rendered. 
  • Default Payment Terms: The University’s default payment terms for supplier invoices is Net 30 days via Automated Clearing House (ACH). 
  • Virtual Payables: More favorable payment terms are offered for accepting electronic payment via the University’s preferred payment method, Virtual Payables, or for offering a discount on the invoice amount.
  • Remittances: All electronic payment methods include an emailed remittance advice outlining the invoices for which the payment has been made.